You can choose among three different weaving technologies, all suitable for the woven label application. Most productive is the Air Jet technology, the weft yarn is being inserted by compressed air.

Most commonly used is the Flexible Rapier technology, the weft yarn is being transported by a flexible carbon tape, this system is most commonly used as it is a good compromise between speed and flexibility. Most sophisticated is the Rigid Rapier technology, the weft yarn is actively picked up and inserted into the shed. The advantage of this technology is it enormes flexibility almost any weft yarn can be inserted.

All these 3 technologies can be combined with any of the VAUPEL heat cutting systems, used for woven heat cut labels. The current versions of thermo slitters SCU-3, SEL-2 and the new SEL-3 gives the customers the unique possibility to produce 6 mm wide heat slit / heat cut label, with todays finest and softest edge.

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